Sweet 16 Stanatic Wishes


Hey guys,

I was hoping y’all could help me with a longtime wish.

I’ve always, always, always wanted a tweet from Stana Katic

I’ve never been tweeted by her before, but it’s my Sweet 16 on Jan 5th (this thursday), and I’m hoping to get lucky this time.

If y’all could take a moment to send her a tweet @Stana_Katic and tell her to give this stanatic the best birthday present ever

my twitter is @emilyxoxo96

thanks everyone!

*fingers crossed*


perfect partners are perfect


I guess Jane’s butchness is catching on…Exactly what ‘skills’ are you talking about here? ;)

I ship these two with all my heart ♥

And we’re back!

wasn’t today’s epi fabulous? epic maura scenes

*posts coming up soon!*

Anonymous asked:
hi, what do you use to make your gifs? they're awesome

thanks, I make them with quicktime player and photoshop :)

you break my heart…